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The first Coffeeshop Company café was opened in the very heart of the capital city of Yerevan, right next to Republic Square – one of the most frequented places by locals and tourists alike in 2014. Being unique in its style, Coffeeshop Company managed to win the love and respect of the locals right from the very day of its foundation thereby turning into one of the best places of leisure and entertainment in Yerevan. The success of the first café led to the foundation of the new branch. We took advantage of the Covid lockdown in April 2020 to have the 6-year-old branch renovated. 


Northern Avenue Branch

The second branch of Coffeeshop Company was opened in the new and modern part of Yerevan, in Northern Avenue a year later. This one enjoys a more modern and young concept and interesting design solutions. The menu was also updated. Now our customers had a wider and more diverse selection of

dishes to choose from. 


Cascade Branch

In the fifth year of our cooperation with Reinhold Scharf - the founder of the chain Coffeeshop Company, we opened the long-awaited third branch in Cascade – the most picturesque part in Yerevan.  
   Due to its unique design solutions and modern touch, the Cascade branch of Coffeeshop Company was awarded by the world chain as the most fashionable and even the best café by New York standards in 2019.


Tumanyan Branch

The Pandemic-related challenges did not stop us. We opened the fourth branch of the Coffeeshop Company in Tumanyan Street in 2020. This one stands out with its absolutely new cuisine concept.  Due to its unique Fusion menu, the branch not only won the hearts of our customers but found its respectable place among the other branches. 


Espress It by Coffeeshop Company brand that represents the Co-Branding concept of Coffeeshop Company and is a part of the Austrian Schärf company has been operating since 2020. 
Developing the idea of Shop in shop, Coffeeshop Company together with ID Bank launched an unprecedented concept in Armenia – a café and a flagship bank office under one roof. Following this example, the cooperation with any company (e.g. a restaurant, a hotel, a gym, etc.)  will take place through the very Espress It brand. 

With the help of high-quality coffee, Espress It presents the important culture of coffee drinking offering the highest quality and most aromatic coffee, which, as one might put it, goes from the farm directly into your cup maintaining its original freshness and thickness. 
Besides, the café offers a rich and exclusive kitchen which is absolutely different from that of Coffeeshop Company and bears an Italian orientation with the best assortment of pastas and pizzas. Espress It symbolizes stability and harmony with the nature.

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